Importance of Contacting or Visiting an ENT Doctor

In the world of medicine, there are many different types of doctors specializing in different areas. An ENT doctor is one who deals specifically with issues related to the ears, nose, and throat. When you have an issue related to one of these areas of the body, it is often a good idea to consult with an ENT doctor since they specialize solely in these issues.

ENT doctors have extensive training specifically dealing with the ears, nose, and throat. While many of these doctors operate out of an outpatient facility, there are also many located in hospitals across the country. It usually takes from 12-15 years of training and education to become a certified ENT doctor.

Some of the common issues that ENT doctors deal with regarding the ear are ear pain and an ear ache. Ear pain is a very common issue caused by a variety of things. The ear is divided into two different anatomical sections. The outer ear is anything related from the earlobe to the ear drum. The middle ear pertains to the area of the ear located behind the ear drum itself. One of the main causes of ear pain and ear aches is ear wax. When ear wax accumulates in the outer ear, it can cause impaired hearing and subsequent pain. While cotton swabs can be used to treat this issue, more often than not they can cause more damage. If not used correctly, cotton swabs can push the ear wax further into the ear. A better solution is to pour a bit of vegetable or olive oil directly into the ear and let it soak in. This will usually do the trick in dislodging the problem ear wax. Some ENT doctors will prescribe an ear drop for those patients with common problems regarding ear wax.

ENT doctors also treat a variety of nose issues that a patient may experience. As with the ear, the nose is separated into different anatomical sections for ease of diagnosis. One of the most common issues an ENT doctor faces regarding the nose are nose bleeds. Nosebleeds are brought about by a variety of reasons. It can be something as simple as picking the nose or it could be something much more serious such as leukemia. ENT doctors always recommend that nose bleeds be treated the same way every time. Persons experiencing a nose bleed should remain in an upright position whether sitting or standing. The head should be tilted down and the tip of the nose should be pinched. By pinching the nose for 3-5 minutes, the blood in the nose will start to clot. After the bleeding has stopped, doctors recommend utilizing an ice pack. It is recommended that you not blow your nose for the next 12 hours following a nose bleed. This will allow the blood vessels in the nose time to recover and seal up properly. If this is not adhered to, another nose bleed could occur.

The throat is another area treated by the ENT doctor. One of the most common complaints in the throat is that of a sore throat. Like nosebleeds, sore throats are brought on by a variety of causes. Sore throats can commonly occur due to vocal strain. Think about a long day of riding roller coasters for instance. When you get home that night, your voice is likely weak. This is due to vocal strain. The good news about this type of sore throat is that it is easily cured within a couple of days. The key is to gargle with warm water and use your voice only minimally for the next couple of days. The more you adhere to these tips the faster your voice will heal. On the other hand, a sore throat due to a virus or infection is a different story. In most of these cases, it is necessary for an ENT doctor to prescribe an antibiotic medication. While it is possible to avoid vocal strain, it is almost impossible to avoid a virus. This is especially true if you are a teacher, nurse, doctor, or have young children at home. The more you sanitize your hands and common surfaces, the better your chances of avoiding a virus. But, this does not necessarily mean you are immune to sore throats caused by virus or infection. It is important to contact your ENT doctor as soon as possible at the onset of a sore throat to prevent further development.

Sick patients really appreciate ENT doctors. They help us with the common illnesses that ail us and make us feel miserable. While treatment for most of these occurrences is fairly simple, it is always good to seek medical advice from an ENT as is may end up being precursor signs of a more serious issue.

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