Remedies for Ear Wax Build Up

When your ear is hurting, you need to seek immediate relief. One of the main causes of ear ache and pain is ear wax. Ear wax can build up in your ear and create many different problems. Luckily, there is a way to treat ear wax build up and find some relief.

Ear wax is simply a substance produced by glands in the ear. It is your body’s way of fighting off infection and preventing anything from coming through the inner cavity of your ear. Sometimes, the glands can overproduce ear wax leaving you feeling uncomfortable. When it accumulates in the ear canal, it can form an ear plug. This type of problem can cause impaired hearing and mild pain.

One of the many ways to reduce the amount of ear wax build up in your ear is to use a cotton swab daily. It is important to use the cotton swab in the correct way as to not prevent further damage. The most effective time to use a cotton swab is right after a shower. At this time, the ear wax will be softer and more manageable. It is important to only use the cotton swab on the outer ear. Never dig deep into your ear with a cotton swab as you may push the ear wax build up even farther into the ear. You could also puncture the membrane if not careful.

Another way to manage ear wax build up is to utilize oils. This may seem like an orthodox procedure, but it has been proven to work in many of these situations. Simply grab some vegetable or olive oil and tilt your head. Have someone pour the oil into your ear and let it soak for a little while. This will allow for the ear wax build up to soften and dislodge, often providing you with some relief. A bulb syringe can be used to help flush the ear of the build up. After the ear wax build up is dislodged and removed from the ear, you should flush your ear with warm salt water.

While many people commonly use hydrogen peroxide, it should be noted that it does not work solely by itself. Hydrogen peroxide will not help to soften the built up ear wax. It should be used only after the wax has been removed from the ear.

For those with chronic ear aches and infections, it is important to consult a physician. Doctors can prescribe a regimen of ear drops to help manage wax build up issues. Doctors also have special instruments for removing excessive ear wax. These tools include specialized jets and scoops for removing the wax. These tools should not be utilized at home as they require special training before operating to prevent damage to the ear.

If the built up ear wax is causing you discomfort, there are some tips you can try while awaiting your appointment with your doctor. Instead of sleeping with your head flat on your bed, try sleeping with your head in an elevated position. If you are experiencing a dull throb and want some relief, taking a mild pain reliever like ibuprofen or paracetamol will usually help.

Ear wax build up is a very common occurrence that should not be taken too seriously. If all the above steps are utilized and you still cannot find comfort, seek professional help from your family physician.


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