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An ENT's practice includes the medical and surgical care for your hearing, sinuses, nasal, thyroid, parathyroid, laryngeal, voice, tongue, mouth, throat, and glands of the head and neck as well as facial reconstruction and cosmetic treatments.


About Us

The purpose of this site is to provide a launching point for all things ENT. Authentic, reputable sites with excellent information are provided here.  Links to The American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery "ENTHEALTH" has a wealth of valuable up to date information.  We are currently compiling links and adding information along with videos for increasingly helpful, personal, and local  information.  All the included information has been reviewed and considered appropriate by board certified ENT physician/surgeons. It is our hope that this site will be a useful resource to the general public and for patient's looking for additional reliable, unbiased information regarding their care. This information is not meant to replace a face to face evaluation directed by your ENT (Otolaryngologist).


The sponsor of this site, Mark L Hagood, MD is featured here and a link to their local information is provided above. Please visit our contact page to reach us for more information.

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